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Albacore is highly sought after wherever it can be found. They are easily identified by their elongated pectoral fins.

Every summer, fishermen eagerly await its arrival. Albacore are always on the move, swimming great distances in their lives.

They are found in temperate and tropical oceans around the world, including the Atlantic, Pacific, and mediterranean oceans. Albacore lives in areas where cold and warm waters mix. They will eat small fish, but they mainly eat squid.

Albacore breeds in the winter and spring and group iup to the mediterranean waters and females producing millions of eggs in calm waters. Albacore reaches sexual maturity in about 5 years and lives for about 12 years.

How to catch Albacore in mallorca with capitan marti

Albacore can be caught with both rotary and conventional tackle. and the best spots is in the north and northeast of mallorca and we are closer to the best spots!

Anglers generally use heavier gear for live bait fishing, but for fishing bait or lures, a setup for around 20 pounds should suffice.

Since they're stuck in the middle of the open ocean, they're not going to wrap your line so you don't need heavy gear.

However, if you are fishing from a stationary boat you need to have a lot of line capacity and a lighter line to be able to chase the fish.

Techniques for albacore

Albacore are easily caught with both bait and lures. Fish are usually located by trolling, and once located, they can be attracted by casting small fish close to the boat.

At that point, they can be attacked with baits or lures. If the fish gets unhooked, it usually walks away and the others follow, so it's important to keep it in the boat. As with tuna, they have very good eyesight, so you may want to try fluorocarbon materials to reduce visibility. This also has the added benefit of abrasion resistance.

albacore lures

Albacore are usually found by trolling. Popular trolling lures include cedar and feather plugs, as well as Rapala-type plugs if you're fishing a little slower.

Rapala stopper

Small rubber skirt chains can also work well. Be sure to match the size of your trolling bait to the size of the baitfish in the area. If you know there are fish around but they won't bite, try a smaller lure.

Once you locate the fish, you can sometimes catch them with plastic lures. And while I've seen them work, I've never had any luck with them.

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