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Octopus vulgaris in Mallorca

Common Octopus

In mediterranean we have more than 18 types of cephalopods And From royal charters mallorca we go fishing everyday to catch diferents fish and also catch diferents octopus , squids....

Last trip we go out we catch 8 octopus arround 3 kilos and bigest was about 6 kilos.


Of very variable size around 25cm and with extended arms it can reach 1 to 3 meters in length. It is a cephalopod, therefore the 8 tentacles with which it moves come out of its head. Its color varies depending on the habitat, since it blends in with it.


It is found in warm waters between the surface and 100 meters deep; it is more common to see them in rocky areas.

Other data:

They hunt at night, they are predators, and one of the most intelligent marine beings, they have great flexibility and a defense system based on the expulsion of ink that allows them to escape.

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