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The magnificent bluefin tuna one of the most coveted fish by fishing lovers and we have the best places for this fishing in the mediterranean sea but it can also be found in the atlantic ocean.

Its scientific name is Thunnus thynnus, a red meat and bluefin tuna that is known as red tuna, those who exceed 150 kg are recognized as giant bluefin tuna;

The meat has been traded for a long time and is one of the most expensive and most consumed fish worldwide. Size strength and speed place it high on the food chain, and at the same time a challenge for experienced anglers.

The Bluefin tuna can reach 3 meters in length and exceptional sizes that exceed 400 and up to 600 kilograms in weight, inhabits large bodies of free water and little current, avoid both bottoms and surface unless you are hunting.

The bigest we catch in ROYAL CHARTERS MALLORCA TEAM was in 2005 we stay nearly 2 hours to catch it and was 275 kilos!

It is characterized by its Dorsal fins, widely separated, one is made up and supported by spines and the other by soft stripes. It has a thick, elongated body covered entirely with scales.

It has a dark blue back, while its belly is silver, it does not have spots, in general the tones of its body help it to blend in with the ocean waters.

When you point to Bluefin, look for surface feeding schools or bait schools in 30m of water or more. Once you have located the feeding of the fish, run them with 3-5m diving lures. If you have located the bait, go with skirts of 4-5 ", with a drag speed of 6-8 knots. If the fish are not attracting trolled lures, start cutting in buckets. Send artificial baits and other soft plastics or water salty If the fish are not biting yet, especially if they are at the bottom, send live baits

In Royal Charters mallorca we know the best diferents spots that you can enjoy of different techniques like trolling fishing or chumming! we go everyday and we put all our knowledge into practice since 1975 !

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