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Fishing in Mallorca the Best Mahi Mahi !! 🎣🐟

Green , yellow, blue , black ... these is Mahi Mahi time in mallorca!

Is time to catch the mahi mahi also called Dorador or Dolphin fish!

These predator like say his name in Hawaianan for two times and means "Strong Strong" , is one of the best fishes that all the fishermans want to catch and is august the nonth that born in mallorca and our hot spots are full of them!!!!😎🎣

We gi trolling fishing for diferents places and looking for falldowns on shalow waters is where live the magnific fish! And we have a good days with more than 35 or 40 catches!

Now the catches is 100% guaranteed dont waste your time and try one trip like these with our bests skipers that born in Mallorca and they knows the best spots every year!

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