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Fishing in Mallorca 2020

In Royal charters mallorca start the new year with everything we knows to do ,fishing first but allwayes taking care of everything ours!!

winter time how allwayes i said is really good for fishing but also is time to take care our toy and is a good time to maintenance, paint, clean, repair, change oil filters etc etc etc...

ROYAL CHARTERS MALLORCA we take care of it so much that we only think about how to improve our boats so that they return to the sea like the first day! We do all the necessary technical reviews as we also review all the regulations required by professional and recreational fishing boats.

New rules come out every year and we always update them, such as the commercial licenses of Mallorcca, deep sea fishing inmallorca , trolling fishing in mallorca, bottom fishing mallorca for all rare species and protection catalogs:

swordfish in the north area of mallorca , blue fin tuna arround all the mallorca area, sharks, and sailfish!

These seasson 2020 we poperate in the same place and we fishing arround mallorca island just conatct us (0034 677 47 32 44) for more info and you can make easy booking online 2020 on the website


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