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Blue fin tuna in mallorca (chumming or trolling)

Practiced anchor in our region or with trolling method, it is a fishery to support, it allows to target the big tuna, see other species, including sharks and swordfish.

The best season for fishing giant bluefin tuna in mallorca is all year long!

I suggest fishing bluefin tuna in stand-up with belt where the fighting is powerful see superhumans so the rushes of the fish are explosive, or and the chair.

Chum fishing !

When we reach the area fishing, we start with the jet of cubes of sardines (chumming) at a rythm defined by the state of the sea and currents.

we mixed with home made from crushed sardines, stale bread, sardine oil and a little sand.

It is a fishing technique that allows a permanent visual and olfactory trace for the fish.

Mainly used in the Mediterranean to catch bluefin tuna, it will also attract sharks, swordfish, bonito, pelamids, rays and dolphinfish.

Several large bluefin tuna are fished each year between90 kg up to 450 kg during the season !

But on average bluefin weight 120 kg. 

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