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Big game fishing in Mallorca

Probably one of the best destination in the World for Med Marlin , white marlin Mallorca and mediterranean waters is still unknown to the general public.

Best season from april to the end of October.

From mid-September 2017 a new destination is offered to you from mallorca, you will fish med marlin, always giant bluefin tuna this time, bigeye tuna, also swordfish, Mako shark, and mahi mahi dorado dolphinfish not to mention the numerous tunas skipjack that cross med sea every year!

Sa Fonera, Exceptional underwater mountain for Billfish!

This submarine mountain located just 5 nautical miles off formentor is the stronghold of med marlin! This underwater highland passes from about 2000 meters to 120 meters for its southern slope and 900 meters to 160 meters for its northern slope. It forms a table at its summit of about 10 nautical miles square.

The powerful currents form upwelling that concentrate the forage fish on the area.

Each year med marlins between 25kilos and 50 kilos are fought, but severals 80 kilos "called big boys" are caught, and marlins up to 95 kilos were fished in 2018. It should also be remembered that the largest med marlin caught to sa fonera and fought according to the mallorca rules in was taken in formentor.

For our first fishing trip on "sa fonera" on october , 2019 we hit a beautiful med marlin of 38 k.

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