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Big Game Fishing In Mallorca!!

deep sea fishing in mallorca

Mallorca and the Balearic Islands are one of the most important spawning sites of this "king of the seas". Although the best time to catch tuna is summer, when the waters are warm, bluefin tuna can be caught throughout the year in the waters of north of mallorca close to formentor area!. . Fishing in Mallorca is ideal for trolling tuna fishing with the boat in gear and going at a speed of 7-10 knots, dragging lures behind the boat with the hope that they will be seen by the tunas. Troll is caught at high speed, dragging lures for the tuna to see. Although to catch big tunas the best thing is the shumming sardine or mackerel is thrown into the water to attract the tuna (with the boat stopped). With the trail of sardines and mackerel the tuna is attracted and within this trail the hooks with bait are presented with the available rods, usually between 2 and 3 rods, which makes it a more blind fishing

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