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"Enjoy an exciting day of fishing aboard our boats"

All tours include captain, diesel, fishing gear, diving masks, food, drink and hotel pickup.

(north area, special groups 12 people)

bertram 42

Our boat "Bucaner" is a Bertram 42 sport fishing yacht with a length of 11 meters, a width of 3.80 and 2 Caterpilar 380kw engines.

It has all the amenities for a great unforgettable day at sea, it has a large lounge, a bathroom and easily accessible.

It also has two cabins where you can rest after the fabulous day of fishing and of course a magnificent and wide stern fishing the best specimens !!

You too, can enjoy the view and the breeze on the flying bridge with the captain, or go below the cockpit and be ready to enjoy the excitement and adventure that begins with the beautiful sound of the reels when a large fish pulls thread.

faeton luxury 1250

Faeton Luxury is a fabulous motor boat with 2 cabins and a full bathroom, living room and kitchen with sea view. Wide cabin and bathing platform, its great length of 12 meters gives us a magnificent solarium to the bow Well equipped with all kinds of extras as well as its fishing tackle and the shimano team of rods and reels! Powered by 2 Yanmar diesel engine 370 HP You can sail at cruising speed to any part of Majorca so enjoy its beautiful coves or spend a great day of fishing on the high seas


starfisher fly 1060

The Starfisher 1060 is a motor boat, with flybridge, two cabins and a full bathroom, living room and kitchen overlooking the sea. Large cabin and bathroom platform. Well equipped with extras and powered by Yanmar diesel engine of 520 hp. Length of almost 11 meters and capacity for 10 pax is fantastic for solarium, and for swimming!

rodman 1250

Rodman 1250 capacity motor boat for 12 pax with two diesel volvo penta 270 hp. This boat is ideal for fishing, with cabin, 1 cabin and 1 bathroom, kitchen, TV in living room, flybridge, lots of space in the bathtub, solarium for up to 6 people in the bow. It has a modern equipment electronic and all the fishing equipment! Included: Skipper, sailor, fishing equipment, fishing licenses, gas oil, insurance, beers, soft drinks, water


Magnificent boat with all the extras 12 meters long and 4 meters wide, it has two sofas at the stern and sunbathing mats at the bow as well as a magnificent cabin with 6 beds to rest from the sun and a bathroom! this monte carlo is perfect for groups or families where you can enjoy a great day at sea!



"Captain on board, absolute tranquility"

All tours include fishing gear diving masks, food, drink and hotel pickup.

(north area, up to 5 people)


Martí Mir, he born and raised in Mallorca, always familiar with the sea since he was a young and over 30 years of sailing experience, is the magnificent captain to take you and enjoy the best beaches and the best areas Mallorca fishing!

Professional manner has the necessary boating and fishing in Spanish waters licenses.

He is an expert at catching large fish such as giant tuna, swordfish, shark, ...

Its aim is always to ensure a magnificent day, both fishing and pleasure on board his yacht "Bucaner".






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