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Jon Dory Fishing

Jon Dory fishing, one of the most coveted fish in the Mediterranean Sea.

we find ourselves in the waters of the Balearic Sea, specifically in the northern area of ​​Mallorca, one of the best areas for bottom fishing such as trolling, but it is especially attractive at this time of year , For fishing Jon Dory and all types of flat fish from the Mediterranean Sea!

This method is very simple but at the same time very difficult to get good pieces, it is fished with small hooks to attract the horse mackerel and thus catch the jon dory, we will always locate ourselves in rocky areas or with a great abundance of schools of mackerel, horse mackerel or sardines since these areas are always where our precious Jon Dory eats!

The day passed very calmly and although we were lucky enough to catch many jacks, it was only one bite of the jon dory at around 65 meters. We noticed as if the hook was casted but that was not the case, but when it bites in piece you have to pull more than usual and that's when you start pulling and raising the piece! This Jon Dory weighed 950 grams and is one of the largest that we have taken since these specimens do not weigh more than 1k 200.

If you like bottom sport fishing this is without a doubt one of the most desired pieces Come one day with Royal Charters Mallorca and we will show you where these wonderful Mediterranean fish hide.

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